Yesterday morning I accompanied Steve and Lisa to the London Social Media Café Musicians meet-up at the St George Hotel between the BBC and All Souls on Langham Place in central London.

The café on the top floor of the (an) hotel has a splendid view of the London cityscape.  Tony Hawks (comedian, not Tony Hawk, skater) was also there, but not to participate in the SMCM meet.

It was an interesting get-together with a few folks (suffering from sleep deprevation) posting stuff on Seesmic.  I didn’t really get involved deeply in many of the conversations as I didn’t really understand either the London scene or the musicians scene in London.  But it was nice to potter on my laptop and get chatting with a couple of folks about singing.


Around noon Lisa and I headed off to Covent Garden to meet with Mike Arthur for lunch, before wandering back via Charring Cross Road, Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street to meet up with Steve.  Who then led us down Regent Street, Carnaby Street back onto Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus, Coventry Street and Leicester Square … and back to Covent Garden!


In the evening we geeked out in the kitchen, I cracked on with some CSS editing and watched The IT Crowd on 4OD before turning in for the night.


Today I decamp from Steve and Lisa’s in Herne Hill to East Putney to visit our good friends Dave and Bev Meldrum.