Christian the Frog

Spotted on Beta, this is fantastic:

What do Christian Bale and Kermit the Frog have in common? Both feature in this epic post that caused one commenter to state, “I’m happy people have too much time on their hands, otherwise the internets would not be lulz filled.”

Check out the photos: ohnotheydidn’t: Kermit Bale.

Look-a-like, pt. 4

Glenn Hoddle

Is it just me or does this person in the photo above look spookily like former England footballer Glenn Hoddle?

When I was little and Scotland had a football team that got into World Cups for some reason (probably because my dad was English) I had a pair of England football strip pyjamas. Glenn Hoddle was my favourite English footballer. Him and Gary Winston Lineker.

If you rearrange the letters in the name ‘Glenn Hoddle’ into alphabetical order you get:


Which, as far as I know, isn’t a real word. But it is an anagram of “Lend Gold Hen”. And ‘Gary Lineker’ is an anagram of “Rely Ear King”.

I think there is a lesson for everyone.