Today I got the following email message from a viewer:


Can you please confirm something for me. I have recently finished reading ‘Join me’ by the legend that is Mr. Wallace, after reading it I mentioned to a work colleague that I myself was going to start doing random acts of kindness each and every Friday, her reply to this was a negative one, and she insisted that Danny himself would no longer act in this way as it has been a long time since he wrote the book. I defended Danny in every way I could and told her I was going to e mail him to confirm he is indeed still ‘the leader’.

That evening I went onto the join me web site and clicked on the contact link, I sent an email explaining what had happened and asked for confirmation that random acts of kindness were still being carried out each and every Friday, and when I had received this confirmation I would then send my passport photo off to become a joinee.

This was over two weeks ago, and I very sadly have to announce that I have received no reply from the email, therefore I write to you in the hope that you can confirm to me that the karma army is still going strong and that Mr. Danny Wallace is alive and well and still doing his bit as the leader.


I had an answer for him. Oh yes indeed.

Dear Rich (or Richard),

Thank you for contacting us regarding our premium Join Me Validation Service.

Our records show that your trial membership for the premium service has recently expired. However, you will see from the terms and conditions that since you have raised a support call with 30 days of your trial membership expiring you still qualify for the enhanced standard service. My word, aren’t you a lucky man!

I can answer your question in just one word: hemispheres.

Of course, as an answer to your particular questions it’s utterly meaningless, and for that I can only apologise.


p.s. Yes. Join Me is still going. People, kind people like you and me, are still doing random acts of kindness. Sometimes on a Friday. Other times at … well, other times. Not everyone synchronizes their watches with the time signal from Rugby as do you and I. Tut.

I’m sorry that King Danny of Lovely was unable to reply to your email. I suppose he was probably eating crisps at the time or something.

I think that about answers it.


I was obviously in a weird mood when I wrote that yesterday.

Xobni released

After seven months of invite-only beta, Xobni is now publicly available for anyone to download.

I like the idea of Xobni (that’s inbox backwards), and actually tried it out during beta.  It does cool things with searching through your inbox folders, pulling out useful information like telephone numbers, attachments, grouping conversations and that sort of thing.

However, surely it doesn’t really work terribly well if you follow the whole Inbox Zero thing because you end up with nothing to search.

Maybe they’ll bring out Orez Xobni for those occasions.