A weekend of friends and family


Team Weir with Jane outside the Potting Shed
Team Weir with Jane outside the Potting Shed

On Saturday my good friend Andrew Weir came to visit with his lovely wife Jenny and 9 weeks old daughter Beth.

I first met Andrew back in wheneveritwas (1999?) when I was invited to play bass guitar for the Powerpoint Edinburgh band. The band then was: Andrew (guitar and vocals), Rik Brown (lead guitar), me (bass) and Brian Allen (drums). What a powerhouse of modern Christian worship music that was!

Thankfully we’ve stayed in touch ever since, and Andrew rejoined the Powerpoint band a couple of years back this time on drums. Andrew is one of the best drummers I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with. And he doesn’t play so loudly that I go deaf, which is always a bonus!

We had a lovely, relaxed day on Saturday sitting, chatting, eating a delicious toasted-wraps lunch (thanks Jane) and taking a leisurely stroll down to Anstruther harbour and back.

A fabulous day with fabulous friends.


Jane with Grandma
Jane with Grandma in the garden.

On Sunday afternoon Jane and I took a stroll down to her parents house where we gathered in the garden for a joint birthday celebration: Jane’s maternal grandma and brother-in-law Martin.

Martin, Peter and Skye
Martin, Peter and Skye in the garden.

There were sandwiches a-plenty (corned beef and tomato ketchup anyone?!), ginger bread and spotty mugs.

As you can see from the above photograph even Frank, the rabbit from Donnie Darko, turned up to say hello!

In truly Scottish style we stayed outside in the garden for as long as we possibly could, squeezing every last therm of heat from the sun as it disappeared behind a foggy, grey sky.

More than once on our five minutes walk home did we exclaim: “It’s not warm!”

All in all, a lovely, relaxed and warm (if not in temperature) weekend.