Books I have written

Book cover for I like to write back, features the old Google Mail icon.

I like to write back

Gareth J M Saunders

What do you do with unsolicited emails? Ignore them? Delete them? Let your spam filter swallow them? What if you were to reply to them? That’s what I did…

Published 2022

Teach Yourself Mahjong

Teach Yourself Mahjong

David Pritchard & Gareth Saunders

Learn how to play the Chinese game of Mahjong.

In 2006, I wrote the updates that became the 3rd edition of the late David Pritchard’s book Teach Yourself Mahjong published by Hodder Education.

Published 2007

Books I have edited

Rosalie: in her own words

Rosalie J Saunders (née Brydon)

This is the story of my mum Rosalie’s life, as told in her own words.

Published 2022

My song is perfume cover shows two bunches of pink rose laid vertically between a pink sheet that reads My song is perfume, an anthology of poetry by Rosalie J Saunders

My song is perfume

Rosalie J Saunders (née Brydon)

A collection of thirty-two poems about life, love, God, pain, joy and finding peace in the darkness.

Published 2023

Books I’m mentioned in

Agile! The Good, the Hype and the Ugly

Bertrand Meyer

Described as the first exhaustive, unbiased review of agile principles, techniques and tools.

With chapters that critically analyse the four major agile methods: Extreme Programming (XP), Lean software, Scrum and Crystal.

My minor claim to fame here is that on page 128, Meyer features a photograph of the kanban-style board that I created for the University of St Andrews web team.

Published 2014
ISBN:  978-3319051543

Join Me

Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace was bored. Just to see what would happen, he placed a whimsical ad in a local London paper. It said, simply, ‘Join Me’. Within a month, he was receiving letters and emails from teachers, mechanics, sales reps, vicars, schoolchildren and pensioners – all pledging allegiance to his cause. But no one knew what his cause was.

Chapter 10 is about when Danny flew to Inverness in Scotland to visit me.

Published 2003
Ebury Press
ISBN 978-0-09-189582-2