Still Wakes the Deep

Those who know me will know that two of my favourite video games are from the same games developer, The Chinese Room, Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Both are amongst the most atmospheric and life changing games I’ve ever played.

The Chinese Room have recently announced their next game, Still Wakes the Deep. Set at Christmas 1975 on an oilrig off the coast of Scotland, the oilrig workers have drilled into something that didn’t really appreciate it.

I’m not into the horror genre at all, but I will certainly be watching closely the development of this game.


View over our wee Minecraft village

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a Minecraft server with Shockbyte. Reuben, Joshua and Isaac have been playing Minecraft for about six or seven years, and having our own server means that we can all play together safely* with our friends without Joe Public sabotaging our world.

*Note: If you do sign up for your own server, at Shockbyte or elsewhere, do make sure you switch on ‘whitelisting’. This allows you to specify exactly which users are permitted to use your server. Otherwise, there are hackers who are scanning for available Minecraft server IP addresses and they will come in and vandalise your carefully created environment. We know this from personal experience, having been visited by someone with the helpful username ‘UGotTrolled’. Honestly, they’re worse than creepers!

It has been great fun! At times almost contemplative, crafting a small wooden rowing boat and setting out on this largely unspoiled world. In a strange way, I felt a sense of what it must have been like for those great adventurers setting out to discover new lands.

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Melkhior’s Mansion (the Atic Atac remake for Windows PC)

Splash screen for Melkhior’s Mansion

Back in the mid-1980s my friends and I would often tease each other about which was the better home computer, the Commodore 64 or the ZX Spectrum.

Clearly it was the Commodore 64!

Atic Atac

There was one Spectrum (and BBC micro) game, however, that I was very envious of: Atic Atac from Ultimate Play The Game.

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Mr Benn on LEGO Ideas

All of a sudden, Mr Benn appeared on LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas allows fans to submit their own creations which can be voted up and, if selected by LEGO, released as official LEGO sets.

A recent submission is this wonderful Mr Benn set featuring three terraced houses on Festive Road, the magical shop that transports Mr Benn on his adventures plus—as if by magic—the mysterious shopkeeper.

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Create dungeon maps with Dungeon Scrawl

I created this simple dungeon map in just a few minutes

I have long been a fan of maps. As a teenager, my bedroom ceiling was completely covered with maps from National Geographic magazines. I often rearranged the furniture in my room but for the most time I slept beneath France.

Dungeon Scrawl is a free, online resource for quickly creating old school dungeon crawler maps for RPG games (or just for fun!). It features:

  • A variety of map styles, brushes, tools and fonts
  • Support for layers
  • Isometric edit mode
  • Multi-page PDF export
  • Easy VTT compatibility
  • Import generated dungeons
  • Import images of assets