That’ll learn me!

Today I thought I’d be useful and comment my CSS code, before I forgot what it all did. I have 16 files.

Well, clearly I’d already forgotten what some of the code did, and why it was written in that particular order, because when I went to commit the code this evening … it was broken.

Hoorah for (in no particular order):

  • Remembering to take a local backup of a working copy on my USB flash drive
  • ExamDiff Pro to compare the two
  • Firebug add-on for Firefox
  • Two monitors
  • Multiple browsers installed
  • Working into the evening at home
  • Listening to Queen on MP3
  • And not to forget a healthy dollop of patience …

I really should comment my code more thoroughly as I write and test it.

As my dad used to say: “That’ll learn me!”