St Andrews class of 1993

I’ve just received my 30th anniversary graduation gift from the University of St Andrews: a short video clip of my graduation on Thursday 8 July 1993.

So, I uploaded it to my YouTube channel to share with the world.

In the video, I can be seen walking across the stage in the Younger Hall on North Street after my name is called, kneeling before Sir Kenneth Dover, the then-Chancellor of the University who taps me on the head with what are supposedly part of the breeches of John Knox while saying “Et super te” (and also on you), while Jim Douglas places my Bachelor of Divinity (Honours) hood over my head.

Then there is what my son Joshua referred to as the ‘action replay’.

The video ends with a view of the graduates congregating outside Younger Hall in the rain. These days after the graduation there is a procession down the middle of North Street from the Younger Hall to St Salvator’s quadrangle for photos and celebrations.

This brought back fond memories of my graduation day.

VW T-Cross for a day… or six

Volkswagon T-Cross

This morning, I dropped off my car at my local Volkswagon garage for a major service, an MOT, an air conditioning service, and some new windscreen wiper blades (which, knowing my luck, will probably turn out to be the most expensive part of this little adventure!)

I rather like the lottery of Which VW Car Will I Get as a Hire Car? Today, I got the VW T-Cross which was the largest hire car they could offer me.

Thankfully, as a 6’4″ 4XL kind of gentleman, I could get into it easier than the VW Taigo SUV they offered me last time which turned me and my three-herniated-discs-later spine into an origami puzzle trying to just step into the vehicle, let alone the fact that my head was pressed up against the ceiling.

If I want to downsize from the VW Tiguan that I currently have, this is a feasible option, although the boot is significantly smaller and probably won’t be large enough for all of the guitars that my children need to transport!


Well, I spoke too soon. My car needs parts and they can’t get them until Monday now, so I have the T-Cross for a few days over the Easter weekend.

One a penny, two a penny
(Ho)T-Cross buns!

Update 2

Well, I was thankful for this car over the Easter weekend and halfway into Easter week. Having driven it for the best part of a week, and having taken it for a trip to Edinburgh I can see quite clearly that it is probably just that little bit too small for me.

One nice surprise was that I could (just) fit both a Laney VC30-212 (the Laney equivalent of the Vox AC30) and a Hiscox guitar case in the boot with some space even for a messenger bag and jacket.

A shout out to Barnetts of St Andrews for their first class customer service.

Today, I’ve been working at St Andrews for a decade

University of St Andrews homepage in 2006
The University of St Andrews website that I inherited in 2006

Today is exactly ten years since I started working at the University of St Andrews. I joined the web team within Business Improvements as assistant information architect/web manager. There were two of us in the team. I always said at the time that I liked my job title because with the forward-slash it looked like a URL.

I remember getting offered the post and thinking, “Well, if I don’t know it now I can always learn it on the job.” You read my reflections on the job interview here on my blog.

Ten years on I am now the web architect within the digital communications team (part of Corporate Communications) we have a team of 10, and I work mostly in Agile project management and business analysis. Ten years on, I still love my job, and I love my team. I’m still being challenged, I am still learning how to do my job better, and I still growing.

Obviously, I’m now even more involved in the life of the University having taken up the post as warden at Agnes Blackadder Hall. I will reflect on that in more detail in another post shortly, suffice to say here that I’ve agreed to stay on beyond my probationary period.

But today I’m celebrating ten years here… well, fourteen if you include my four undergraduate years from 1989 to 1993. I wonder where I will be in ten years from now.