Not indicative of wider trends in society

Pension age workers on the rise says ONS
BBC News: Pension age workers on the rise says ONS

A couple of fabulous tweets this evening from my work colleague @doctorvee about this page on the BBC News website with the title “Pension age workers on the rise says [Office of National Statistics]”:

Even by the standards of BBC News, this is a totally weird photo to use […] as though the experiences of Bruce Forsyth dancing with Tess Daly is indicative of wider trends in society.”

(Source and source)

Wise words.

Calamateur on TV

If you’ve got SKY or FREESAT then you can tune into BBC Alba on Wednesday night to see Calamateur playing a recorded live set. The channels are:

  • SKY 168
  • FREESAT 110

The show is called RAPAL and will be on at 10:30pm. It’ll then be repeated this Friday 17th October at 11pm.

In the meantime, you can catch a short preview at:

Calamateur is the first artist featured … and the last … in that short clip.

BBC Radio Yahoo! Widgets need fixed

If you’re interested in using any of the BBC Radio Yahoo! Widgets then just be aware that you will probably need to fix the feeds in them.

It’s quite easy:

  1. Download the Yahoo! Widget you want
  2. Change the widget file to .zip
  3. Open the file in WinZip (other compression applications are available)
  4. Extract the .kon file
  5. Open the .kon file in Notepad (other text editor applications are available)
  6. Locate the feed URL in the .kon file
  7. Find the latest feed URL from
  8. Update the URL in the .kon file and save
  9. Add the new .kon file back into the .zip file (make sure you use NO compression)
  10. Rename the .zip file back to .widget
  11. Copy or move the .widget file into your My Widgets folder
  12. Open the Widget and enjoy!

See, I told you it was easy.