Synchronizing PDAs

I do wish that Microsoft ActiveSync (released in 2006) synchronized my O2 Xda Orbit (Windows Mobile 6) with Outlook 2003 as quickly as Psion PsiWin 2.3.3 (released in 2001) synchronizes Outlook with my Psion Series 5mx, or Psion Series 7.

I can sync my Psion with Outlook from scratch in about 5 minutes, a simple update of a couple of dates and ActiveSync has taken 20 minutes so far …

Has it ActiveSunk?

Screen capture software for Windows Mobile 5

Windows Mobile screenshot

Here’s a quick, easy and free application for taking screenshots on your Windows Mobile 5 device: Ilium Software Screen Capture.

As the website says:

Using Ilium Software Screen Capture takes just six simple steps:

  1. Start the program on your device
  2. Use the Options menu to define the key you want to press to take your screenshots
  3. Leave the program open – do not hit the Exit button yet
  4. Take your screenshots! (If you have sound on, you will hear a camera “click” noise when the screen is captured)
  5. To stop the program, open it again and hit the Exit button
  6. Find your screen captures in the My Documents folder on your device

Hardware keys

Screenshot of buttons assignment in WM5

You can easily find out which keys are which in Windows Mobile 5 by going to Start > Settings > Personal tab > Buttons.

On the Xda Orbit I’ve assigned Button 5 (Camera) to Screen Capture, as it seemed most logical to me: it’s for taking a picture!