Text truncated on device

O2 Xda Orbit in cradle

The problem

Here’s something that I found annoying a few weeks ago, until I found a hack: when I have particularly long text notes stored in my Outlook tasks and then synchronize them with my Windows Mobile 6-powered O2 Xda Orbit phone/PDA I discover that the notes are truncated. I get this message at the foot of notes:

[Text truncated on device]

Which is really annoying, because I track a lot of projects using these notes, and on a couple of occasions I’ve lost notes that I really needed to refer back to.

The hack

After a search on the Web I discovered on the PocketPC magazine forum that there is a hack to get around this. The forum topic is ironically called “Active Sync MS Mobile 2005 Truncated Contacts Issu”.

  1. Download and install a Registry Editor for Windows Mobile — I used the demo version of Resco Explorer 2007.
  2. Open up your Registry and apply this hack: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ActiveSync] “BodyTruncation”=dword:00005000.
  3. Switch off the screen, then reboot the PDA.
  4. Wait 3-5 minutes after rebooting to absolutely make sure that the Registry has been updated.
  5. That’s it … when you next sync your PDA you should be able to sync longer notes.

DivX mobile

I see you can now get DivX Mobile Player for your phone or PDA.

That’s one area I’ve never really explored: mobile video. Jane has an iPod Video that allows her to watch full-length videos on, but it’s always such a hassle to rip the DVD to iPod/PDA format that we’ve only ever converted a couple of DVDs, and one reason that I’ve never tried the same for my Windows Mobile 6-powered PDA phone.

Anyone out there is the blogosphere had good experiences of mobile video?

Synchronizing: Day 2

Last night I did a hard reset on my O2 Xda Orbit which wiped it clean, resynchronized it with Outlook (took 20 mins), reinstalled my software (took about 30 mins) and brought it into work today to synchronize it with Outlook here.

So far … 4 hours 30 mins and it’s still “Processing” the Calendar.

Seriously, what is wrong with this software?!

I am, quite honestly, beginning to despair that it will ever synchronize at all. 🙁