OpenOffice online edition

Also spotted on PC Pro:

OpenOffice goes online

Ulteo, a company formed of ex-Linux developers, is trialling the beta of Online, which makes the popular office program available through a browser. The beta which is open to the first 15,000 subscribers, offers access to the complete OpenOffice suite without any prior installation, and 1GB of free storage.

The suite also adds collaboration capabilities, allowing multiple users to work on a shared document, with the changes tracked in real time.

For a few years I was using OpenOffice (OOo) rather than Microsoft Office, simply because I believed that it was a better product. Then Office 2003 came around and leapt slightly ahead of OOo.

But I’m keen to check out this Web 2.0-esque, online version.

Useless Account

Useless Account

This is one of my favourite Web 2.0 sites: Useless Account.

The best ideas are always the most simple.

With Useless Account you sign up, you login … and that’s it!

How many Web 2.0 online services have you signed up to, but have never returned to: have never discovered the full potential of its rounded corners and gradients?

Well, why not add one more, but this time you can immediately discover all that it has to offer:

  • a login box
  • a few fields to fill in
  • “Save Changes” button

Absolutely genius!