Off to IWMW2007

York skyline, showing York Minster
York skyline, showing York Minster. (Photo from York Musical Society.)

At lunchtime today I’m heading down to York with one of my colleagues from The University of St Andrews to the Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW) 2007 at The University of York.

Assuming that I can get my wireless setup properly there (unlike at the IWMW last year — mind you I was using my Psion Series 7 which couldn’t quite cope with the amount of security thrown at it!) I should be blogging from there, and may upload a photo or two to Flickr if I get the opportunity.

So it should be business-as-usual at the geeks’ conference!

New rules

I have some new rules for this residential conference, that I’m going to try to stick to:

  • Only one bag
    I usually end up taking far too much stuff on residentials, so this time I’m taking just one bag: my laptop-rucksack. Everything that I want to take has to fit into that; it’s the SAS approach!

  • Convergence technology
    I need to take as few gadgets as possible. So given that my O2 Xda Orbit phone covers GPS, WiFi, Calendar, Contacts, Phone, and Camera this is the first residential that I’m not taking a digital camera or a Psion PDA (sorry old friend!)

  • Online applications
    Wherever possible use online applications to manage resources that I might want to share with others or access at work after the conference without copying data from PC to PC via memory stick, e.g. files, email, bookmarks, RSS feeds, etc.

Wish me luck!

I’m going to IWMW2007 in York

York skyline, showing York Minster
York skyline, showing York Minster. (Photo from York Musical Society.)

Well, it’s all booked up now and confirmed: next month (16-18 July) my Web colleague (not Spiderman, the other one) and I are off to York for the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2007, which this year has the theme of “Next Steps for the Web Management Community”.

Last year’s workshop in Bath was great fun, not least because I had only been in the job for a little under two months and I was already heading off to my second conference; my first being the WWW2006 conference in Edinburgh.

This year I’m a little more clued up on the issues that face Higher Education Institution web teams, having been in the job now for nearly 14 months. Plus I’ve now met more of the Scottish Web Folk, so won’t quite feel such a ‘Billy No Mates’ at it.

I’m looking forward to hearing and meeting one of the speakers, Paul Boag who is also one of my favourite podcasters. Check out his Web-related podcast at Boagworld.

This year too I’ll have my laptop with me, and digital camera, so expect a few blog posts, some pics on my Flickr account.

If you’re going too, feel free to contact me beforehand; by whichever method you like (although email or Messenger are probably the most surefire way of getting me).