Guess what I saw

I got home last night and eagerly wanted to share with Reuben and Joshua my exciting news.

“Reuben, Joshua—can you guess what daddy saw on his way to work this morning? I’ll give you a clue: it was coming out of a farm.”

What I’d seen was a huge tractor pulling a trailer and on the trailer was a very large, yellow digger. What two year old could be unimpressed by such a spectacle?

Joshua pondered it over for a moment before his face lit up and he exclaimed “an ELEPHANT!”

A tractor pulling a digger on a trailer now didn’t seem quite so exciting after all. Certainly not in comparison with my son’s imagination.

Tractor cake

Jane joked that we’d be up ’til midnight making a tractor cake for Reuben and Joshua’s birthday party (later today). She wasn’t wrong.  However, I think you’ll agree that all the effort we went to was worth it:


The body is made from two Victoria sponge cakes ‘glued’ together with raspberry jam. The wheels were cut out of another Victoria sponge using scone cutters and covered in black coloured icing; they’re stuck to the tractor body with butter icing (and prayer).

The eyes are made from marshmallows and jelly tots, which were also used for front and rear lights.

Tractor cake
Tractor cake inspired by John Deere (front view)


The personalized number plate (R+J) was a last minute idea for which we used “writing icing”.

Tractor cake inspired by John Deere (rear view)
Tractor cake inspired by John Deere (rear view)

It was the first time that either Jane or I had ever decorated a cake like that, but we made a good team.  If only Michel Roux Jr and Masterchef dining expert Gregg Wallace had been on hand to offer a running commentary.

We took photos throughout the process of building it.  I’ll upload them to Flickr in the morning and link to them here.  Off to bed now, I think.

Boats and tractors

RNLI Lifeboat launching at Anstruther
RNLI Lifeboat (“Kingdom of Fife”) launching at Anstruther

This weekend is the Lifeboat Gala Weekend organised by Anstruther RNLI Lifeboat Station.

We took Reuben and Joshua down to the harbour after their lunchtime sleep today.  I don’t think I’ve heard the words “BOAT!” and “TRACTOR!” used quite so often and with such passion in one afternoon than I did today.

Reuben sitting on a tractor
Reuben sitting on a tractor
Joshua sitting on a tractor
Joshua sitting on a tractor