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Lorem ipsum dolor sit Thompson et Thomson

Last weekend I bought the boys* The Adventures of Tintin, a five DVD, 21 episode box set of animationed adventures by Hergé’s world famous boy reporter.

How delighted I was when on the first episode we watched I saw one of the characters reading a newspaper that was entirely lorem ipsum filler text.

(* I may also have bought it for me. I used to love when my dad went off on a business trip and returned with a Tintin or Asterix the Gaul book for me.)

Asterix and Asterisk

I spotted a great typo on a website I was editing this morning:

The end of the document refers to many web pages, the ones used in the Guidelines being marked with an asterix. (My emphasis)

That should, of course, have read “an asterisk”. Just for the record, here’s the difference:

Asterix and Asterisk

Which got me thinking. I think they should update these books, with titles like:

  • Tintin and the Distributed Denial of Service Attack
  • Tintin in Redmond
  • Asterix and the Chieftain’s Browser
  • Asterix in jQuery
  • etc.

What Tintin or Asterix titles would you like to see?