Isaac and Jane are home

Baby Isaac asleep in his cot in the living room
Baby Isaac asleep in his cot in the living room

This morning I dropped off Reuben and Joshua at their grannie’s house, the plan being that I’d drive up to Dundee to the hospital to spend some time with Jane and Isaac before grannie brought them up later at visiting time.

I arrived on the ward just after 11:00 to discover that they were keen that Jane gets home today. Quick change of plan, followed by a long six hours wait until various physical checks to Isaac and Jane and whatever items of paper work were completed.

We drove away from Ninewells Hospital at 16:45 feeling decidedly less nervous than when we had made the same journey 26 months before.¬†This time we didn’t even stop in St¬†Andrews to see if he was breathing!

Thank you

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent, emailed, Tweeted, ‘Facebooked’, voice mailed messages of congratulations, and for everyone who has prayed for us and kept us in their thoughts. We love you all. x