Delivering job applications

A stamp that says Urgent

This last week I’ve filled in two job application forms, both for very different jobs at The University of St Andrews — one in Education Liason, the other in IT. Both posts caught my imagination and I’ve been quite excited filling in the application forms imagining how I might carry out those roles using the skills and experience that I’ve accumulated so far. I just have to wait and see.

Because the deadline for application forms for one of the posts is tomorrow, I’m driving up to Cellardyke tonight to stay over so that I can hand-deliver the form to Human Resources tomorrow morning and get back to Edinburgh without having to lose half the day.

Something that I’ve found really helpful when filling in my forms are a couple of sheets that I’d prepared a few years ago. On them — and I need to update them once again — I have a kind of elongated and exploded CV, detailing fully my previous academic and job experiences (exact dates, addresses, contact details, responsibilities, training courses, etc.). I also have another sheet listing all my places of residence with full addresses and dates. Those two sheets have saved me so much time in the past, and are easy to update as and when I need to.