No fear

I got an email today delivered to my University account:

The Fear Course is coming to Scotland.

Do you feel nervous before doing certain things?
Do you get anxious easily?
Do some things fill you with fear?
Do you shrink inside at the thought of public speaking, meetings or talking to a large group?
Do you live in trepidation of being asked the question you cannot answer.

How much?  £155 including VAT.

I’m tempted to email back and just say.  Sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t afford it.

Scotland v England

Three minutes and forty seconds after the RAF Tornados flew over Murrayfield on the telly we heard them screaming over Anstruther on their way back to RAF Leuchars.

It’s nearly half-time, sorry to see a) Rory Lamont stretchered off, b) Dan Parks wheeled onto the pitch, and c) my suggestion that Scottish players be allowed to carry side-handled batons still hasn’t been implemented.

I think there would be a heightened sense of competition during each Calcutta Cup if a) England and Scotland were still at war with one another, and b) India were allowed to play.

I’m not sure why we have to go through 80 minutes of play, why not just spend 10 minutes in a kick-off between Chris Patterson and  Jonny Wilkinson?