The man who made things fly (video)

I can’t remember how I discovered these videos, but I think they are just quite inspirational. The video above is the making-of, the video below is the final advert for Avios.

As an aside, I was delighted to see in Avios’s later adverts changed the final tagline at the end. This original advert simply says “anything can fly”, but it doesn’t explain what Avois does or that Avios is now the new name for AirMiles.

Now, AirMiles made sense to me. It gave me an idea of what it was about. Avios, for some reason, makes me think of baggage handlers.

Using a Creative RM-1800 remote control with WinAmp

Creative X-Fi Platinum soundcard, breakout box and remote control
Creative X-Fi Platinum soundcard, breakout box and remote control

What a fabulous discovery: I can now use my Creative RM-1800 infra-red remote control to control WinAmp.

Creative drivers

For the last few years my shiny, silver Creative remote control has sat beneath my PC monitor looking rather forlorn and underused. So a few months back I emptied it of batteries and handed it over to Reuben and Joshua’s toy box.

The remote control was one of the reasons that I went for the X-Fi Platinum in the first place.  I had visions of sitting in my study and being able to control my music from the other side of the room.

It was great for a couple of weeks.  I had to make do with Creative Entertainment Center rather than WinAmp but that was fine. I could live with that.  But then the first time I had to do a clean reinstall of Windows XP and upgraded my Creative X-Fi Platinum drivers I lost use of the remote control.

1. Install Creative Entertainment Center

I had assumed that the remote control drivers were a part of the soundcard drivers, after all the infra-red receiver is firmly embedded into the break-out box that is installed just beneath my DVD-RW drive.  But they are not: they are installed with Creative Entertainment Center.  I only discovered that yesterday!

I installed the Creative Entertainment Center software this evening.  It ended with a rather abrupt error message but it did install ok — at least, both the remote control driver and Creative Entertainment Center are installed and appear to be functioning correctly.

2. Enable Remote Control

Once installed I fired up the Entertainment Center Settings, which brings up this dialog box in which you need to enable the remote control:

Screenshot of Creative Remote Control Settings window
Creative Remote Control Settings window

3. WinAmp plugin

The final step was to install the Creative Remote Control plugin for WinAmp.

Under Windows 7 I had to install by right-clicking the installer file and selecting “Run as administrator”. This is because the plugin installer needs to write to the C:\Program Files\WinAmp directory and for security reasons it needs administrator rights to be able to do that.

4. That’s it

And that was it!  When I fire up WinAmp I can now sit in my study and control my music from the other side of the room.

I’m running

  • Windows 7 Professional (32-bit) and (64-bit)
  • Creative Entertainment Center 3.40.21 (19 December 2007)
  • WinAmp 5.581; upgraded now to 5.623
  • Creative Remote Control plugin (25 July 2002)
  • Creative RM-1800 infra-red remote control