Recycling Tetra Pak cartons

I like Innocent smoothies. Yum … liquid-y, fruity drinks.

On the packaging it tells me to visit to find out about recycling the packaging.

So I went there and also visited the Tetra Pak Recycling website to find out if my local authority (Fife Council) will recycle them … and they do!

But I can’t see anywhere whether I should sort these as paper or plastic. (I suspect that it’s paper.)

Does anyone out there in the blogosphere know for sure?

Holiday, day 2: DIY and general geekery

This morning was spent doing DIY:

  • Installed new fluorescent light in the shed
  • Fixed “Kadesh” brass nameplate to shed door!
  • Fixed new bolt to back gate
  • Fixed new hose reel to the wall
  • Built CD bookcase extension from old bookcase
  • Trip to local dump (recycling centre)

This afternoon was spent doing geeky stuff

  • Sorting out my pile of old technology in the cupboard
  • Selling a few bits and pieces on eBay
  • Watching Dream Theater DVDs on my PC
  • Installed 120GB hard drive in Mum’s old PC (former HDD had died)
  • Currently installing Kubuntu 6.06 on it (to replace Windows XP Home)

That’s what holidays are for…