Psion / Outlook synchronization tip

I’ve been meaning to blog this for ages; someone on one of the Psion groups pointed me to it.

It’s a small application that I now use when synchronizing my Psion Series 5mx (or Psion Series 7) with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 called Express ClickYes.

Longtime Psion users will remember that synchronizing their Agenda and Contacts with Outlook 2000 was simple: you plugged in the Psion, ran the PsiWin synchronizer and it did its job with no interruptions.

All that changed when Microsoft introduced new security features in Service Packs 1, 2 and 3 for Office 2000. Now when you try to synchronize Outlook gets all paranoid and checks to see if it’s a virus or worm trying to plunder your e-mail contacts list.

Screenshot of Outlook security window, asking for access to e-mail addresses

Which is fair enough, but it can be annoying if all you are doing is trying to synchronize your contacts list and diary, and you are running a fairly tight ship, in terms of internet security.

Express ClickYes is an application that when run (and activated, by right-clicking the Notification Area/System Tray icon and clicking “Resume”) automatically answers YES when the pop-up dialog appears.

I find it really useful for when I set my Psion and Outlook to sync while I go and have a shower in the morning, or when I’m busy doing something else around the house. That way I don’t have to lurk by my PC and wait to click Yes. Express ClickYes does it for me … as the name might suggest. It’s a useful tool to have in your Psion/Outlook arsenal.

PsiWin synchronization problem solved

Psion PsiWin synchronization screen

Ah! the irony! So many people email me about their problems with PsiWin, the connection and synchronization software for the Psion range of handheld computers, it was about time that I had problems too!

My problem: for some reason during the last synchronization PsiWin copied all my contacts twice, so that I had two entries for everyone. Easy, I thought, just delete the Contacts.cdb which can be found in C:\System\Data\Contacts.cdb and re-synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. PsiWin will simply create a new Contacts.cdb file, problem solved.

It wasn’t as easy as that — of course! — but I have learned something: when I resynchronized I suspect that PsiWin kept a record of what had previously been synchronized and so it did nothing, thinking that everything was up-to-date. The way to sync from scratch was to delete my PsiWin sync profile (that’s the one highlighted on the screenshot above) and create a new one. Once I’d done that everything worked as it should and I now have a healthy address book containing 548 contacts, rather than over 1,000!

Every day’s a school day!