Saving Private Royal

So, Prince Harry has been flown home from Afghanistan. I was upset not to see Tom Hanks being sent out to bring him back.

What an absolute menace the media can be. So, it would appear that a man doing his job is now regarded as news?!

The media should have just shut up about the whole thing and let Prince Harry get on with his job. Of … erm, shooting foreigners.

If you were to believe only what the media has to say about Prince Harry, you’d think his life was a bit like this:

  • Harry Royal and the Philosopher’s Stoned (but he was only 16)
  • Harry Royal and the Chamber of Media-leaked Secrets
  • Harry Royal and the Prisoner of Afghanistan
  • Harry Royal and the Goblet of Friendly Fire
  • Harry Royal and the Order of the Chain of Command
  • Harry Royal and the Allegations that he’s a Half-Blood Prince
  • Harry Royal and the Deathly Hush (as to where he’ll be going next)

I think the media should leave him alone to do his job.

To be honest, he’s probably safer in Afghanistan, well away from the media, girls, booze and military-themed, fancy dress costumes!

Oh well, there goes my OBE!