Powerpoint Edinburgh: An apology

Louis Theroux and Luis Palau

In common with all other Scottish Christian blogs, I may have given the impression that I thought that the Powerpoint Edinburgh committee had lost their minds in inviting such a controversial public figure to speak at this season’s opening event at St Thomas’, Glasgow Road, tonight.

Blog post titles such as “Theroux a glass darkly”, “When Louis met Jesus” and “Is this the start of another Weird Weekend?” may have contributed to readers’ belief that I had a low opinion of the committee’s choice of speaker. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I would like to make it clear that I have always believed in the gospel-led choices of the Powerpoint committee. Their dedication to spreading the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through worshipping God, listening to some exceptional spoken words and playing some intriguing games with a tenuous link to a so-called “theme” is unrivalled.

Besides, it turns out that it’s not TV broadcaster Louis Theroux that’s coming to speak tonight, but Argentinian evangelist Luis Palau.

Powerpoint Edinburgh (April 2007)

Vox AD50VT guitar amplifier

It’s time to dust down my guitar, amp and riffs for another month: it’s Powerpoint Edinburgh tonight; the last of the current session.

I drove down to Edinburgh last night for rehearsals, which was fun. Except for the bit where I nearly crashed into the side of a lorry when, without warning, the road was reduced from two to one lane. On a corner.

I was in the outside (fast) lane at the time and could almost feel the tyres digging into the road as I stepped heavily and hastily on the brakes. Shortly after I drove past a group of workmen putting out more cones. If I may offer a little tip: signs then cones, it’s safer that way.

Yesterday was also the one year anniversary of our move to Fife on Wednesday 19 April 2006.

Much has happened since then. I’m much healthier now than I was then, on almost every level, happier and more content. It has been a good move and a good year. What better way to celebrate than to play live music with friends and worship God?

Powerpoint Edinburgh

Screenshot of a Powerpoint Edinburgh blog

Each month, as many readers will know, I’m involved in a Christian youth event called Powerpoint Edinburgh at St Thomas’s, Glasgow Road. The event is great and each month appears to grow bigger and bigger, attracting more than 250 young people a month; I seem to recall that last month there were around 400 crammed into St Thomas’s church building.

What has frustrated me, however, is that there isn’t a Powerpoint Edinburgh website. Not even a single page that tells folks when and where the event is.

Well, when I say that there isn’t a Powerpoint Edinburgh website what I really mean is that there isn’t an official Powerpoint Edinburgh website. They do have a domain (www.powerpointedinburgh.co.uk) which is printed on all the flyers. But, well click it, there’s no site there yet.

So, deciding that enough was enough my friend Mike (who plays bass guitar in the worship band) and I today set up a new WordPress.com blog and created our own little (and unofficial) Powerpoint Edinburgh (http://powerpointedinburgh.wordpress.com) blog site — a fan site, if you will — to post some basic information, links and a few pics to.

Which is one of the beauties of the internet: if you spot a gap in the information available on the Web you can plug that hole yourself, very quickly. It took us about 2 minutes to set up the account, about 30 minutes to customize it, and a further 30 minutes to write the content. Which makes me wonder: if it was so quick to do why is there still not an official site? We simply hope that this wee site can plug a currently present gap until the real site launches.

Powerpoint (December 2006)

We had an amazing worship experience at Powerpoint — a monthly Christian youth event overseen by SU Scotland — in Edinburgh last night, after only a couple of hours of rehearsals.

God really blessed us and the 400+ who turned up for an evening of Christian worship, teaching and games. One girl even held her birthday party at Powerpoint last night — now there is Christian witness for you; how wonderful! Here are a few photographs from the evening, ably taken by my brother Eddie.

Powerpoint band
Neil Costley on acoustic guitar and vocals, Andrew Weir on drums and Mike Arthur on six-string bass guitar.

Powerpoint band, taken from a distance
Photograph of the Powerpoint band, taken from the balcony. As well as Neil, Andrew and Mike are me on electric guitar and Timmy Cocking on keyboards.

Neil leads worship, waving his hands in the air
“Hands up if you love Jesus (and are currently not playing an instrument)!”

Richard stands at the sound desk
The man who actually makes us sound more than half decent is our resident wonder at the mixing desk and the sixth member of the band: the legend that is Richard Mitchell.

Just as last year we played a handful of Christmas carols including the wonderful O Come, all ye faithful. Here is the descant written in TAB for all you guitarists out there.