Simon Wilkes photographs

This week, I came across the photography of Simon Wilkes on Unsplash and … just WOW!

On a perfect spring morning Beverley Brook, a small but beautiful river that meanders through London’s Richmond Park, takes on a fairy tail quality in the dawn mist. Photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash
Autumn reds and golds on a misty morning in Richmond Park, London. Photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

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WARNING: Contains flashing images.

This video was featured in a Shutterstock blog post entitled 10 awesome timelapse photography projects you need to see.

This a beautifully filmed record of storms forming over the American landscape. I love how the clouds billow and curl, gracefully, majestically, powerfully; and how the light plays off the clouds and adds to the drama. I love how some of the clouds turn black and then dump their water as rain, and how the lightning echoes around inside the storm.

And I love the courage of Mike Olbinski, the film maker, who ensured the camera stood perfectly still while these monsters were forming around him.

Watch Vorticity (4K) on Vimeo, as well as his other films.

Simple beauty

Spotted in SXC News newsletter from December 2007, an interview with photographer Claudia Meyer:

Who and what inspires you artistically?

As I wrote in my sxc profile:

“One very gifted child I’m working with told me once so simply:

I take pictures, to show to everyone how simple things can be beautiful, if you just look at it.

What inspires me is the world’s beauty! There is so much beauty all around the world! Seeing wonderful pictures (like on sxc for example) makes me try to do better and improve the composition of my pictures.