Healthy video games … an idea

So here’s my idea for video games, right.

You know some applications have a dongle, a bit of hardware like a USB drive, that has to be plugged into the PC before the software will run. Well, my idea is to have one of these for computer games.

But it’s not just any ordinary, run-of-the-mill dongle. This one is a pedometer, which records how much exercise you do and has a direct affect on the health of your computer game character.

So if you walk and run about all day: you have a fit and healthy character who can run and jump and climb trees.

On the other hand, if you sit on the sofa all day and the furthest you travel is to the front door to pay the pizza delivery man then you may be the only character in Call of Duty 4 with an inhaler and a username like wH33zieBu993r.

Obviously there would have to be some kind of biometrics involved to make sure you weren’t cheating, that it was you wearing the pedometer and that you hadn’t just attached it to the dog’s collar.

That’s my idea. You can use if it you like.