News from the Potting Shed (Lent 2011)

Reuben, Isaac and Joshua
Reuben, Isaac and Joshua

Last night I wrote our Christmas 2010 newsletter!

You can download it in PDF and/or read it below. News from the Potting Shed (Lent 2011) (PDF, 65 KB)

And then there were three

There’s a good reason for our Christmas letter being three months late (apart from our usual pre-Christmas disorganisation) our main present arrived 26 days after Christmas.

Our third son Isaac Jacob Neilson Saunders was born by Caesarean section on Thursday 20 January 2011 at 10:30 weighing in at a healthy 3820g (8lbs 7oz) in Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

Nearly eight weeks in and we can wholeheartedly confirm that we did this in the right order: twins then one. How much easier this is after that crash course in parenting!


In a couple of months’ time I will have been working at the University of St Andrews as Assistant Information Architect/Web Manager for five years, a role that I still enjoy, despite each year seemingly bringing new challenges. Our team has now grown from two to five and there is still enough work for another five!

Church-wise I have now been welcomed into the ministry team at All Saints’, St Andrews the ‘higher’ of the two Scottish Episcopal congregations in St Andrews, where I am feeling quite at home.

Again, 2010 wasn’t a great year healthwise although I did learn that the “various kidney-related infections” that I’d been suffering since 2008 was actually acute bacterial prostatitis (!) after one of my renal registrars took my concerns seriously and referred me to urology. I’m now on the mend.


Last year was a tough one for Jane as she battled the effects of post-natal depression.

Then, no sooner had she found the right balance of medication, she discovered in late May—the night before her birthday—that she was pregnant with Isaac and had to come off them completely within two weeks. That was a really cruel crash landing!

A month later Jane visited London to attend the Thursday and Friday of the first week of Wimbledon. A dream come true!

Over the summer we enjoyed the company of friends, many of whom came to visit, some to stay for a few days.  It was lovely to catch up with good friends and enjoy their company; there was much laughter and happiness in the house.

In October we enjoyed a week-long holiday in Aviemore at the Macdonald Dalfaber Golf and Country Club, and caught up with friends from our Inverness days.

Reuben, Joshua and Isaac

Our twin boys Reuben and Joshua turned two on 18 November 2010. We celebrated with a birthday party and a homemade birthday cake that looked like a John Deere tractor (the green and yellow one).

It’s been an exciting year watching them grow up so quickly, from learning to walk to putting sentences together and communicating most eloquently with us.  They are amazing and we love them more each day.

Reuben and Joshua welcomed Isaac into the world eight weeks ago and are the best big brothers that he could hope for; albeit at times a little over-enthusiastic for him to join in with their rough-and-tumble games.

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Love and blessings to you during this holy time of Lent and may you have a very happy Easter.