University of St Andrews 600th anniversary website


After last month’s almost-a-post-a-day, I’ve hardly blogged at all this month. And there’s been a pretty good reason for it: I’ve been working most of the last three weeks on coding up the designs for the University of St Andrews’ 600th anniversary website, which went live yesterday.

Eat, breathe, sleep code

And I really do mean “most of the last three weeks”. I’d get home in the evening, help put the boys to bed, and then crack on with more code until sometime after midnight each night. I’d crash into bed for about 4 hours’ sleep before booting up the PC again and working for a couple of hours until the boys woke. Then it was breakfast and back to the office for… oh, more coding.


The design was by Edinburgh graphic design company Project and was the first web project that we’d worked on where an external company had mocked-up the design and passed it on to us as Photoshop ‘comps’. We were essentially coding up a design from photographs of a web page, which is a bit like handing a builder a photo of your dream home and saying, with a wave of the hand, “Make it so!”

It’s not our preferred way of working, if I’m honest. But they were brilliant at getting updated proofs to us. Anything involving image work takes hours so it was great having professional Photoshop-meisters on the other end of an email.

I’m going to blog about our experience of the project very soon on the St Andrews Web Team blog.


…and if that wasn’t exciting enough, I also had the Alumni pages to code up too.


Tonight was my first night off in weeks from working on the code. So I chose to blog about it instead!

iPad 2 Thinner. Lighter. Faster. But does it have the right name?

iPad 2 Thinner. Lighter. Faster. FaceTime. Smart Covers. 10-hour battery.
iPad 2 Thinner. Lighter. Faster. But does it have the right name?

So, Apple CEO Steve Jobs launched the new iPad 2 today.

The difficult second tablet device.

Everyone is talking about it—apparently—the tech websites, the news websites, the tech news websites, everyone!

I think they missed a trick though in the name.


I think they should have called it the iPaad.

That way they could just keep adding ‘a’s (A for Apple) with each subsequent release until they has as many as Google have ‘o’s on their search results pages.


2019 would then undoubtedly usher in the new Apple iPaaaaaaaaaad.


The Lovely Jane™, however, thinks that they should have called it the iiPad (ii being the Roman numeral for 2).

With that naming convention, next year would bring the iiiPad. The ivPad would be launched in 2013. The vPad in 2014 and so on until in 2098 the new Apple dxxxviiiPad will explode onto the market.

It will be thinner than paper that is made from human hair. It will have 8 cameras, 12 TB of RAM, a 32-core 256-bit processor and every one will come with a complimentary copy of Angry Birds and a giant Zippo lighter app.

Whatever they called it though, I still won’t be buying one.