Jiig-Cal and BBC Scotland


I posted to Seesmic this evening about an email I got from BBC Scotland about this blog post from 2005: My JIIG-CAL results from 1985.

According to the BBC journalist who contacted me “the story will be up on the website from first thing on Friday morning and there should also be a piece on Reporting Scotland tomorrow night.”

So check it out on BBC Scotland tomorrow at 18:30 … obviously if you’re living in Scotland that is; maybe they’ll do a BBC iPlayer kind of thing too, I dunno.


The story is now on the BBC News Scotland website: The computer that predicted the future, although the link to my blog is currently broken — I’m sure the BBC Web boffins will fix that soon though.

Update 2

This is what JIIG-CAL suggested that I should spend my life doing:

  1. Statistician (8/10) – Skills: logical, numerical ability, good self-expression, co-operative
  2. Occupational Therapist (8/10) – Skills: good organiser, resourcefulness, sympathetic, good with your hands
  3. Youth & Community Worker (8/10) – Skills: outgoing personality, good organiser, energy, tolerant
  4. Social Worker – Fieldwork (8/10) – Skills: sympathetic, pleasant manner, able to inspire confidence, patience
  5. Assistant Prison Governor (8/10) – Skills: able to understand other people’s problems, leadership, good administrator, able to discipline
  6. Mathematician (8/10) – Skills: good concentration, logical, analytical, good self-expression
  7. Probation Officer (England/Wales) (8/10) – Skills: able to inspire confidence, perseverence, resilience, sympathetic
  8. Social Worker – Residential (8/10) – Skills: able to inspire confidence, perseverence, resilience, sympathetic
  9. Insurance Underwriter (8/10) – Skills: sound judgement, honesty, able to take responsibility, accuracy
  10. Physicist (7/10) – Skills: scientific approach, numerical ability, good reasoning power, accuracy