StillĀ alive!

I’ve not been around much this week. Instead I’ve been in my bed fighting some nasty virus; the worst I’ve had in some time.

The symptoms: wheezy chest, irritating cough, sore head, sore joints, sore muscles, sore eyes, sore stomach, sore … everything! and feeling really sick.

I went to bed on Tuesday afternoon and have slept pretty much all the way through until this morning (sleeping about 19-20 hours a day). I’ve done very little else but sleep.

Plenty of fluids though (big bottles of water by my bed) and paracetamol every six hours or so (or whenever I woke up and remembered).

Many thanks to Planet Rock for the company during this time, and to the England cricket team for putting a smile on my face the last couple of evenings while watching the highlights show on Five.

I’m still not 100%, but at least I’m on my feet. Even if the world does look dizzy.