Walking through Brixton at night

Map of a walking route between Oval and Herne Hill.
Oval to Herne Hill via Brixton (Image: Google Maps)

I’ve missed a few Throwback Thursday posts over the last few weeks because of … reasons. This is one that I’ve had in draft form for a while.

It involves a visit to London and a surprising encounter with a stranger at night in Brixton.

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The oval office

Had a lovely day in London village.

Walked from Herne Hill to Kennington Oval (in 55 minutes), met up with Mike Jeremiah on the occasion of his 40th birthday.

Had lunch: chicken and mushroom pie and chips.

General geekery, followed by drink and dinner (curry) with lovely Rachel Foulds then walked back to Herne Hill in 40 minutes.

We had dinner at a restaurant at Kennington called Gandhi … it may or may not have had a definite article. Mike kept singing a song from Not The Nine O’Clock News off the telly. From about twenty years ago.

What a lovely, lovely day.

Street cuddle

On the way back to Herne Hill, at Brixton town I got stopped by a black guy asking for 70p for the bus. Seventy pence became two pounds became … well, he kept his palm open as I shovelled money into it.

“How much is a single fare?” he asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Is it a bank holiday on Monday?” he asked again.

What is this Twenty Questions?!

I explained that I was from Scotland and wasn’t certain about the answers to these London-centric questions.

He then gave me a hug and his afro hairstyle brushed my face. It was really soft, and smelled quite nice.

He was going to Clapham Junction, he claimed. And then lifted his shirt to show me his belt. “Am I too thin?” he asked me.

I wasn’t sure that was an issue in the Clapham region.

Sadly I didn’t meet anyone else on the rest of my walk home.