A wider view of the World Wide Web

Three monitors

My third monitor arrived this morning, which I installed very quickly. Tip: power down your PC first … I didn’t and for some reason it crashed.

I’m now going to be at least 33% more efficient now, and I now have a wider view of the already World Wide Web!

UltraMon has been a real bonus, allowing me to stretch windows to fit all three screens or simply shift one window to another screen immediately.

Our next little project will be to setup an old Apple Mac G3 running OS X (, that was donated to the Web Team™ for website testing. We were also gifted a Belkin KVM adapter that will allow us to connect it to an existing mouse, keyboard and monitor.

New Argos monitor risers available

Argos catalogues used as monitor riser

Readers may be interested to learn that the Autumn/Winter 2007 edition of the patented Argos monitor riser is now available from your local branch of Argos.

The latest version is in a tasteful blue.

Monitor bug

In other news: I’m now down to only two monitors now. I look like such a noob!

My own second monitor has a bug in it. Literally a real live bug / beastie … well, it’s dead now. I’ve taken it over to helpdesk to see if it could be carefully removed. It’s sitting between the glass and the actual LCD screen. The kind techies said that they’d give it a look.

Update: the answer was no, they couldn’t remove it.