Band rehearsal

Photograph of the band in rehearsal

Two photographs from the Powerpoint (monthly Christian youth event) band rehearsal this evening that I’ve ‘stitched’ together using the wonders of Paint Shop Pro X. Why are Andrew (drums) and Tim (keyboards) both hunched over so?!

Neil Costley

Here’s an action shot of Neil (acoustic guitar and vocals). He looks nothing like a folk singer, I don’t know what you mean!

The rehearsal went really well, with some quality prayer time before hand. I’m back on my Burns Brian May guitar through the Vox VBM1 treble-booster and Digitech GNX2; the last few months I’ve been playing my Fender® Stratocaster® (though mine is a Mexican Strat rather than American).

I’m looking forward to the Powerpoint tomorrow evening. A time to worship God through playing guitar and singing.

How to clean cat pee from a guitar amp

Laney GC80A in the midst of being cleaned

On Thursday I have a rehearsal for a monthly youth event called Powerpoint, which is now being overseen by SU Scotland. The next Powerpoint is on Friday evening from 19:30.

Imagine my dismay the other evening when I got my guitars and amps out to check them over to discover that one (or more) of our cats have pee-ed on my Laney GC80A amp. This afternoon I carefully removed the front kick-grille and washed it and the cabinet down with Simple Solution’s Cat Spray & Urine Stain & Odor Remover.

What a marvellous liquid! For years I’ve been looking (obviously not hard enough) for something that effectively deals with cat stains, and now I’ve found it. I’ve already used it on a carpet, my wardrobe doors(!), and now my guitar amp.

The science bit: Cat urine is made up of three parts:

  1. urea, which is the sticky part,
  2. urochrome, which is the pigment or colour part, and
  3. uric acid crystals and salts, which is the er… salty, crystally part.

Seemingly a lot of products will work on the first two parts but not the third, and the crystals and salts just dry and become dormant. But as soon as the area gets wet again the smell returns. Simple Solution’s Cat Spray and Urine Stain and Odor Remover is biological and works on all three parts. And do you know what? It really does work. It’s great.

Now I can be certain that the only thing that will stink on Friday night is my playing!