Remembrance Sunday

Today we remembered those who gave their lives for our country in the two world wars and other conflicts since. In my sermon I spoke about my experience of the wars from the perspective of the families left at home, and reflected on my visit to Poperinge and Ieper in 1998 with Toc-H. It was a moving service.

Remembrance Sunday 2003 sermon PDF (89 KB)

Anglican Communion

I am saddened by the conflict in the Anglican Communion at the moment focussing on the issue of the consecration to Bishop of the Revd Gene Robison, an openly gay priest in the Episcopal Church of the USA (ECUSA). I pray for God’s love to be shown to all his people. I do not understand why men and women should be excluded from God’s kingdom on account of their sexual orientation.

I was challenged at a meeting a couple of months ago that heterosexual Christians need to ‘come out’ in their support for an inclusive church that allows all people to discover their full potential in relationship with God.

Changing Attitude Scotland is campaigning for this within the Scottish Episcopal Church, and contains up-to-the-minute articles on the issue.

Inclusive is seeking to do the same within the Anglican Communion.

On the other side of the argument TransformSEC is praying and campaigning for “the biblical and spiritual transformation of the Scottish Episcopal Church in accordance with Romans 12:2”. (This is a Yahoo Group.)