My albums of 2013

Montage of album covers

This review is a few days late, due to a nasty chest infection that’s been plaguing me from before Christmas.

My annual review of what I’ve most enjoyed listening to during the last 12 months, and my albums of the year.

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Day 22: A song that you listen to when you’re sad #30dsc

30 day song challenge day 22: a song that you listen to when you’re sad

Fish—A Gentleman’s Excuse Me

I love this song by Fish. It is beautiful, romantic, nostalgic and regretful.

There’s one line from this song that comes back to me again and again, when things are too hard and I just want out: “Can you get it inside your head, I’m tired of dancing?”

I listen to this piece of music when I’m down, and at the end of it I can always sigh, know that I’m not on my own and just get on with things.

(My final catch-up post of the weekend, posted on 23 May, after a crazily-busy weekend… excuses, excuses! Consider this a gentleman’s excuse me!)

Fish – Field of Crows

Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh

I think this is my fourth Fish gig; seems like more, somehow. I met up with friend Ricky Carvel before the gig; he had a friend with him, I had Jane. We timed the support act interval to perfection and walked in just as Fish’s band took the stage.

There wasn’t a great deal of banter this evening from Mr Derek W. ‘Fish’ Dick. Maybe it was the small, dark venue; maybe it was because this was his 40-odd-th date on the current tour that has seen him travelling around Europe and back to the UK.

Fish’s showmanship is exquisite, the first few songs were acted out, Fish wearing a wide-brimmed hat, Arab-like desert scarf wrapped around his neck and gentleman’s walking stick in hand, that revealed itself as a sword during The Perception of Johnny Punter, I recall.

I got a copy of the set-list at the end: it landed on me! It read as follows:

  1. Rookie (first 4 songs into each other)
  2. Moving Targets
  3. Jungle Ride (Fish talk in song)
  4. Perception (Guitar; house right starts, fish talk in song, heavy)
  5. Numbers
  6. Zoo Class
  7. Tiki 4
  8. Cliché (Big guitar solo house right)
  9. Innocent Party
  10. Vigil
  11. Plague (last 2 – keyboard heavy)
  12. Encore #1: Felini/Lucky/Exile/Market Square Heroes (keyboard start)
  13. Encore #2: Company

Bring on the next gig.