Why did my webcam have to install its software twice?!

I just installed the drivers and software for my new webcam, the infeasibly long-titled Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro.

Here’s what happened:

  1. I inserted the CD-ROM
  2. Ran the installation application
  3. Selected to install everything
  4. Waited while everything installed – having to say YES to my ZoneAlarm firewall about every 20 seconds!
  5. Reboot
  6. Online registration ran automatically upon restarting. So I filled it in and submitted it, like the good customer I am
  7. Software updater ran, and found updates. I said YES to updates
  8. It then proceeded to UNINSTALL almost all the software I’d just installed (see steps 1-4) and REINSTALL the latest updates of these applications and drivers
  9. Reboot

Now, would it not have been better if the installer had checked online first to see if there was a more recent version of the software and installed that? And if there wasn’t, or an internet connection could not be established, to fall back on the option of installing the version on the CD-ROM?