Building homes in South Africa

Do you fancy helping to build some homes in South Africa?

I got an email from United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) this morning about The Desmond Tutu Community Build.

The blurb from the site:

The Desmond Tutu Community Build – No More Shacks!

Help give children like this the opportunity for a better future. Join us and help build a better future for South Africans living in urban poverty

The challenge: to build 15 houses in just one week!

Saturday 6th to Sunday 14th September 2008, Cape Town, South Africa

Habitat for Humanity is looking for 15 teams of 12 people each to spend one-week building 15 homes that will change the lives of 15 families forever. Will you join us on the Desmond Tutu Community Build for the experience of a lifetime?

Each volunteer team will work with the chosen homepartner family, who are currently living in a shack, to build their new home in just 7 days.