The boys ‘helping’ me with my studies

Boys on the desk
Reuben, Joshua and Isaac ‘helping’ me with my studies


For the next few days I’m on a course at work looking at DSDM Atern agile project management. It’s certified, so I have exams on Wednesday morning (foundation) and Thursday afternoon (practitioner).

When I got home last night, after dinner, I decided to sneak upstairs and get about 45 minutes of study in before the boys had to go to bed.

It turns out Reuben, Joshua, Isaac and monkey had different ideas and came to ‘help’ me study.

No fear

I got an email today delivered to my University account:

The Fear Course is coming to Scotland.

Do you feel nervous before doing certain things?
Do you get anxious easily?
Do some things fill you with fear?
Do you shrink inside at the thought of public speaking, meetings or talking to a large group?
Do you live in trepidation of being asked the question you cannot answer.

How much?  £155 including VAT.

I’m tempted to email back and just say.  Sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t afford it.