Conversation about backing-up websites, pt.2

Conversation with a colleague at the office colour printer.

Gareth: I’m pioneering a revolutionary new way of backing up the website.

Hamish: Is it Subversion, by any chance?

Gareth: No. I’m printing out all the pages.

Hamish: Well, if my kids grow up not knowing what a rainforest is I’ll blame you!

I was only kidding!


I needed to buy tickets for the Alumni Carol Service, so decided it was just as quick to cross the lane into St Salvator’s Quad than to go upstairs, pop the form into an envelope and drop it into the internal mail.

Conversation went a bit like this:

Gareth: Hello, I’m from Business Improvements and …

Lady: Is that for the carol service?

Gareth: Yes

Lady #2: Are you … Hamish?

Gareth: No, I’m Gareth

Lady #2: That’s what I meant

Gareth: Then yes, I’m Gareth.

Lady #1: Aren’t you … doing prayers for us?

Gareth: No, I’m preaching.

Lady #1: Then … you don’t need to buy a ticket.

Gareth: These are for my wife and her family. I just assumed I’d get in free

I do.