Certified Internet Webmaster?

World Wide Web

I’m just wondering if there are any people out there in Internet Land who have experience of the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) course and qualification, and whether it is worthwhile doing it?

I’m thinking about doing some formal training in web design to prepare me for “April And Everything After” (apologies to Counting Crows).

Also, do you have any experience of Skillstrain / Scheidegger Training, who offer the course? Good or bad.

The course as I’ve been presented it is packed with a lot of good stuff (HTML, CSS2, Server Technologies, Perl/CGI, Javascript) but seems to misses out a lot of what I’d see as essential modern tools: XHTML, PHP, MySQL. Sure I’d like the certification, but I’m not entirely convinced that I couldn’t sit the exams on my own, having taught myself. I mean, my XHTML and CSS2 are pretty good already. I’ve dabbled with PHP and MySQL for about a year, and I have IIS5.1 installed on this PC and Apache 1.x installed on another.

And at the end of the day will a potention employer look more favourably on someone with a CIW qualification? Hmm … decisions, decision. All comments welcomed.