Saunders Chocolates

Perhaps not the best thing to be advertising on my blog during Lent but the kind folks of Saunders Chocolates in Penrith, Cumbria sent me this kind email:

Hi Gareth,

Thought you might like to visit

Apparently the lovely Jane went to visit them a couple of years ago, on her way back from a conference in Liverpool.

“Hello!” she said, quite the cheery thing. “My surname is Saunders!”

“Oh!” said the woman behind the counter, quite unimpressed.

Still, their chocolate was nice.

Chocolate spam

Most spam that doesn’t make it through my spam filter (should that be ‘spam fritter’?) I just delete or point Cloudmark Desktop at and it disappears without me reading it.

I read this one today:

This is best place to get the second piece of Chocolate for your marriage/relationship!

What does that even mean?!

I like how they tried to clarify things by writing “marriage/relationship”. As though some folks might think “aww … it’s only for folks who are married. I was so longing for that second piece of chocolate — sorry, Chocolate — for our relationship.”