The beginning of the end at Kadesh

The kitchen at Kadesh, empty.
The kitchen at Kadesh, now finally empty.

This has been a good weekend for support and help from friends, and thanks to them Kadesh is now empty and ready for a new boiler (next week) and handover (the following week).

Last week as I began to dismantle the furniture at Kadesh Jane packed up the crockery and kitchenware. Yesterday (Saturday) we moved most of our belongings out of Kadesh with the help of our good friend and neighbour Yvonne into an empty room in our other lovely neighbours Iain and Lisa’s house.

The final item of furniture — a large Ikea unit (from the Magiker range, thanks for asking) — was moved with the kind help of another friend, Roger, after I’d cheekily e-mailed him and invited him to a Moving House Party next month! Roger kindly phoned back to say that he’d be away then but would be in Fife that very day so if we needed a hand he’d gladly pop by on his return to West Lothian. We did and so he arrived in the early evening to give us a hand. (Thanks Roger!)

Today we moved the last few boxes and the fridge (with more muscle-power from next-door neighbour Ian), and I broke my little trolley when we moved the washing machine out. Now our entrance hall is packed with … stuff.

Full hallway
A less-than-empty entrance hall in our rental property.

Jane and I returned to the living room in the rental property and slumped down on the sofa, surrounded by boxes, pictures, paintings and the four doors from the Magiker unit, feeling a strange combination of elation that we’d cleared the house in record time mixed with sadness that we’re saying goodbye to such a lovely property.

Kadesh was the right place for us at the time. It really has been a blessing — a holy place, set apart — for not only us but others too, both friends and strangers. I said to Jane this evening that I was glad that we had the opportunity to share this house with others. When we bought the property in 2004 we were the only people interested in it, the only people to put in an offer and we got it for bang-on what we were advised it was worth. It very much felt like a gift from God. Much the same has happened with the property into which we are moving early next month. What a blessing.

I’m excited to be moving on, even if the next four weeks will feel like our lives are on hold. Every other move has been been at the end of a job, the end of a chapter in our lives. This move is different: neither of us has changed jobs, life goes on, we’re just relocating.

I can see clearly now…

A television

I need to cancel one of our TV Licences — the one for Kadesh to be exact. At the moment both Jane and I have one each. We’ll be left with Jane’s one, which is only fair as she watches more TV than I do.

Here’s my favourite bit of “small print” on the back of the licence:

Your TV Licence does not guarantee a good picture.

Are there seriously people who believe that it would?!

Not all four-letter words are bad

Sold sign
Kadesh has now been sold.

On Monday 25 September we sold Kadesh, only eleven days after we put it on the market. It was truly an answer to prayer; praise God!

Having been so disappointed that we couldn’t afford to extend the house in the way that we envisioned it we quickly set about putting it up for sale. Jane’s negotiation and bargaining skills with the three local estate agents was second to none and we soon opted for the un-Christian-sounding Pagan Osborne who have been excellent.

One thing that has really impressed us with Pagan Osborne, other than the quality of service, is their schedule. Rather than making do with double-sided, colour A4 sheet Pagan provide — for a fee, of course — a very professional-looking colour booklet that really presents the property (or “subjects” according to the blurb in the schedule) in a very good light. We’re going to keep a few as souvenir of what we acheived with that property.

Property schedule
The schedule for Kadesh.

One really nice feature of the Pagan Osborne schedules — other estate agents please take note — is the floor plan on the back page. Having been looking for a new property ourselves, we know how easy it is to forget the ins and outs of each building so the floor plan really helps to remember how it is laid out. A very simply but highly useful feature.

The first week that Kadesh was on the market was very quiet. We had no viewings the first weekend it was on, and only one viewing midweek. The following weekend was a different matter: we had seven, spread across the Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a glorious day, which really showed off the newly renovated garden; Sunday was a miserable, grey downpour of a day — the one viewer (at 09:30) spent a total of around 5 minutes in the property and didn’t even look at the garden.

Anyhow, we’d about sold it by then. The first viewers on Saturday morning, Mr and Mrs T, fell in love with the place and first thing on Monday morning we received a call from our solicitor saying that we’d received an offer for the asking price, would we accept? Of course!

So we now need to find space for a house-full of furniture by the last week in October. Not to mention somewhere else to live.

WARNING: blog plot spoiler ahead. If you don’t want to know the possible contents of a later blog posting stop reading now.

But you know what? That might not be as far off as you may imagine.

For Sale: 50 George Street

View of back garden at Kadesh cottage.

As many readers of this blog will know, we’re sadly putting our wee ‘holiday’ cottage up for sale.

The plan was to extend it and move in, but a couple of weeks ago we learned that that was going to cost us far more than we expected in order to give us the space that we need. So as of Friday afternoon 50 George Street, Cellardyke is now on the market. It’s on for a fixed price of £150,000, simply because then people know where they are — without any of the nonsense of hugely inflated bids that quickly get out of hand.

When we were first looking for a property back in 2004, we put in a bid for a shell-of-a-place in East Lothian. It had two bedrooms, no kitchen (just an empty room with a couple of pipes), it needed re-wired, re-decorated, and re-roofed) and was on the market for offers over £68,000. We put in a bid for £90,000. (What were we thinking?!) It was sold for around £145,000. That’s just ridiculous.

So we’ve put our house on for a “it sells for exactly what it says on the schedule” £150k.

To check out the details and view the photographs visit Pagan Osborne Property and enter ‘50 George Street‘ in the search box.

Here’s what the estate agents have said in the description:

Charming traditional fishermans cottage. Lovely terraced garden enjoying views toward the Forth and May Isle. Kitchen / Dining room, two bedrooms, living room, conservatory, family bathroom, gas central heating.

This is a charming traditional fisherman’s cottage which has been thoughtfully extended to afford adaptable accommodation on two levels. The subjects are pleasantly located within the heart of historic Cellardyke close to the harbour and Haven restaurant.

A particular feature of the property is the lovely spacious terraced garden which enjoys wonderful elevated views over the traditional pan-tiled, crow stepped gable rooftops towards the Forth and May Isle beyond.

Internally the subjects are presented to the market in excellent decorative order ensuring potential purchasers can move in with the minimum of fuss. The accommodation comprise on the ground floor level: spacious kitchen / dining room with feature stone fireplace and lovely curved traditional staircase giving access to the upper level. The first floor level accommodates the two bedrooms, family bathroom and lovely cosy sitting room giving access to the conservatory and direct access out to the garden.

Externally the garden is terraced with a series of flower beds, areas of lawn and path leading up to the uppermost gravel terraced area where one can make the most of the wonderful elevated views towards the Forth.

It should be noted that ‘Kadesh’ is successfully run as a holiday let which could be carried on to provide a useful source of additional income.

General remarks
It should be noted that all fitted carpets and floorcoverings are to be included within the sale price. Some items of free-standing furniture may be available by separate negotiation.

Council Tax Band ‘B’

Room dimensions
Kitchen / Dining room 14’8″ x 12′ (4.47m x 3.66m)
Bedroom 1 12′ x 9’10″ (3.66m x 3m)
Bedroom 2 6’7″ x 9’10″ (2.01m x 3m)
Bathroom 6’6″ x 5’5″ (1.98m x 1.65m)
Sitting room 13’6″ x 9’10″ (4.11m x 3m)
Conservatory 12’2″ x 7′ (3.71m x 2.13m)

Vendors: Clients of Pagan Osborne
Viewing: By appointment through Pagan Osborne
Office Contact: Fiona Donaldson
Anstruther Branch
Pagan Osborne Property Services
15 East Shore
KY10 3AB

Tel : 01333 310703
Fax : 01333 311918

E-mail :

Happy viewing.