Meet the Other Gareth Saunders

Oyster card

Recently, while reviewing various online accounts, I discovered that my Oyster card—the travel card used on London transport—was out of date: a first generation Oyster card. I was advised to apply for a second generation Oyster card.

As I was completing the form I wasn’t able to select ‘Rev’ from the options available, so I selected ‘Other’.

This is the letter I received today, with my replacement card.

Wait! This letter isn't for me, it's for the Other Gareth Saunders.
Wait! This letter isn’t for me, it’s for the Other Gareth Saunders.


Our at work cleaner is currently in Las Vegas getting married.

So the kind folks here got her a card and are clubbing together to buy her a wedding gift.

The deadline for writing in the card was today, so dutifully my colleague and I climbed the stairs to the office and added our names to the card.

Folks had written messages like “Lang may yer lum reek” (a traditional Scottish greeting) and “All the best!”.

I wrote:

God Bless, Gareth. PS Our bin is full!

Sadly there wasn’t enough room to also mention the number of plastic bottles piled up next to the bin ready for recycling.

She’ll find out soon enough though!