Ikea car park

I was chatting with a colleague at work this afternoon about the weekend. He’s off to Ikea in Edinburgh tomorrow to buy furniture.

He was complaining about the car parks.  How can it be, he said, that inside the store is so ordered and organised and yet outside in the car park is just a chaotic free-for-all?

I agreed.

In fact what I said was: the way that the Ikea car park is laid out is completely wrong. There should be two car parks.

So first of all you drive around the first car park looking for a parking space and then when you get there there’s a little card that tells you the location of the parking space in the second car park, like Car Park 2, Aisle 23, Row 4.

I’m going to write to Ikea and suggest it. It’s my Ikea idea.

(Did you see what I did there?)