Google in braille

A picture of the Braille letters spelling out Google.

Today is the birthday of Louis Braille, inventor of … well, braille! So as a tribute Google have replaced their usual logo with one written in braille.

Only it’s not actually braille because if you touch the letters on your monitor you won’t feel anything. Apart from your monitor. Unless you have numb fingers, in which case you’ll actually probably not feel anything. Which is what I said to start with.

To enable web users with accessibility issues to know of what the images are, all web images are recommended to include in the code a description of the image. It is this description (or “alternative text”) that screen reader software reads out to those who can’t see the images themselves.

Today’s Google logo is a good example. The alt text says:

A picture of the Braille letters spelling out “Google.” Happy Birthday Louis Braille!

While sighted viewers can see that it is a word writtein in a Braille font, and when they hover their mouse over the image it simply says “Happy Birthday Louis Braille!”, which is the title that this image has been given.

The archive of Google Holiday Logos is quite fun. Download Braille fonts.