Meet my new son, Isaac Jacob Neilson Saunders

Baby Isaac wearing a white hat
Isaac Jacob Neilson Saunders

Isaac Jacob Neilson Saunders was born at 10:30 this morning by Caesarean section in Ninewells Hospital, Dundee; he weighed 3820g (8lbs 6½oz) and he is beautiful.

It was all very calm, the staff were a paradigm of lovely and little Isaac is a quiet wee sweetie.  Quiet all but for the way that he’s been ‘bleating’ all afternoon like a little lamb.  A soothing little “meh… meh… meh… meh”.

What has been most peculiar is that there is only one baby. For the last two years we’ve thought in twos. When the nurse handed me the paperwork for the registry office to confirm his birth I was ready to say, “Hang on! Where’s the other one?”

Reuben and Joshua got to meet him this afternoon, which we really wanted. Jane was still on the labour suite at the time so I wheeled the little cot out to the corridor.  They both stroked his tiny head and wanted to give him a cuddle, all with a running commentary from Reuben: “Cute… cuddle! Daddy baby… in cot. Gentle…”

It was really interesting to see their responses. Reuben, quite the extrovert, was hands-on, getting right in there; once Jane was up in the ward he even got to ‘hold’ Isaac, sitting on the bed and under Jane’s close supervision. Joshua, more of an introvert, sat back, observed and cuddled in to me.

I just can’t wait until they come home and we can just get on with it…


I’ve just corrected Isaac’s weight which was 8lbs 6½oz, my original calculation was a rough one done in my head because no-one at the time could give me an accurate grammes to pounds conversion.