Day 28: A song that makes you feel guilty #30dsc

30 day song challenge day 28: A song that makes you feel guilty

Ferry Aid—Let It Be

A song that makes you feel guilty? I pondered. There isn’t one. How can a… and then I remembered this song.

Ferry Aid were a British-American ensemble group, brought together to record the song “Let It Be” in 1987. The single was released following the Zeebrugge Disaster, which had occurred on 6 March 1987 involving the capsizing of the MS Herald of Free Enterprise ferry, which killed 193 passengers and crew.

My dad bought me this single when it came out, and I remember sitting in my room, with my back to the door, with some school friends. Someone picked up this single and started teasing me for owning it.

Those immature days when anything less heavy than Slayer was a shameful offence.

So I joined in, so to be a part of the group, to be accepted. “Oh, my Dad bought it for me, I don’t know why I don’t even like it. What a…”

And then I turned around and standing in the doorway was my Dad. He’d heard everything that I’d said. He looked hurt, quietly closed the door and walked away.

I can’t remember what I did. Whether I chased after him or not. But the truth is I really did like the song. It’s by The Beatles, to whom I’d been introduced by my Dad. It features cracking guitar solos by Mark Knopfler and the late, great Gary Moore.

The thing is though, because it was a Beatles song and they hail from Liverpool, and have a ferry for all these years I’ve always been convinced that this was a song to raise money for a Mersey ferry disaster!

The Fab Faux play Abbey Road

The first time I visited California was in the summer of 1989.  I’d just left high school, I was fresh from a National Youth Choir of Great Britain summer course and concert at the Festival Hall, and I was en route to the University of St Andrews to begin a degree in theology.

I stayed with my mum’s cousin Charlotte in Healdsburg, we toured the length and breadth of California, as far south as San Juan Capistrano and as far north as Medford in Oregon.

It was in Healdsburg, though, that I first heard The Beatles Abbey Road album.  I love that album; I love this live performance of the second side of Abbey Road by The Fab Faux.  Enjoy!