Things that annoy me when installing software

Here’s area a few things that really annoy me when installing new software on Windows.

Applications that:

  • Add their icons to the QuickLaunch toolbar in Windows. Yes! I’m looking at you iTunes and QuickTime.
  • Fill up my My Documents folder with your own custom folders that I then can’t move. Yes! I’m looking at you Axialis Librarian, Camtasia Studio, Cloudmark Logs, Comic Life, e-Sword, InterVideo, Libronix DLS, Live! Cam Centre, (Adobe) My Digital Editions, (Mindjet) My Maps, (Corel Paint Shop Pro) My PSP Files, My Skype Pictures, My Transferred Files, (UltraMon) My Wallpapers, (Yahoo!) My Widgets, Nero, Nero Home, NeroVision, O&O, SnagIt, SnagIt Catalog, and Version Cue. Have you seriously not heard of the Application Data folder?!
  • Applications that won’t allow me to move their folder within Start > All Programs. Yes! I’m looking at you Cisco VPN Client. I like to reorder my Start menu into something more meaningful and personal. I don’t want your sorry ass trying to reinstall itself just because I’ve dumped your shortcut into a sub-folder.

Apart from all of that, I’m quite tollerant, really.

Purchase or download

That’s the problem with being able to download albums these days (and I mean legally, via iTunes or similar): sometimes you spend two or three days hunting around the house, in the car, down the back of the cat, for the CD and box of something that’s neatly downloaded onto your hard drive.

That’s twice I’ve done it now. Once for a Gary Numan album, and now for an Exodus album.

I need to keep a database, methinks.