Corsair Flash Voyager

Corsair Flash Voyager
Corsair Flash Voyager

For quite some time my USB drive of choice has been the Corsair Flash Voyager. Its solid rugged rubbery case keeps my data safe and it’s frighteningly fast when it comes to data transfer.  Their GT range is even faster

I started out with a 512MB model, before slowly moving up through the ranks of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and now I have an 8GB model (7.48GB of usable space).

Right now I have 14,394 files on my 8GB drive, which equals about 6GB … maybe it’s time to upgrade to something bigger.

Amazon UK are now selling a 16GB model for £31.60, and the 16GB GT for £33.95.  That’s an absolute bargain by my standards.  The 32GB model is just over £70; there is even a 64MB model for £155.


Email I received yesterday:

As a customer of DVD Rentals by Post, we wanted to let you know that LOVEFiLM International has acquired Amazon’s DVD rental business, and Amazon is now a shareholder of LOVEFiLM. Amazon will continue to handle your movie rental queue and DVD deliveries for the next few months to make the transition to LOVEFiLM as smooth as possible. LOVEFiLM offers the most extensive collection of latest-release DVDs and hard-to-find titles, as well as games. They also have great movie reviews, ratings, site features and movie trailers, and Amazon is excited to be part of its future.

Your rental plan and the price you pay will remain unchanged. So LOVEFiLM can serve you better, your rental service agreement and DVD rental account information (including your payment information) will be transferred to LOVEFiLM. In the future, LOVEFiLM will be responsible for your DVD rental account, which will be subject to the LOVEFiLM Privacy Policy.

Amazon delivery warning

Just a quick warning about ordering things from Amazon Marketplace: make sure you read the details about how they will deliver your item.

I ordered something the other day, and I assumed like many of the other products that it said:

Delivery: In stock. Dispatched from United Kingdom. International delivery available.

But I didn’t read closely enough. I just skim read it. Like when you skim read jam labels, and fail to see that it’s actually been made of bees and hay.

It actually read:

Delivery: In stock. Dispatched from United Kingdom. Irrational delivery available.

Thankfully I live in the UK, so it didn’t affect me. But be warned!

Earphone reviews

A couple of top tips if you’re ever considering writing a review about a pair of earphones on Amazon, such as this one:

Awesome sound, lots of base, you’ll here how every song was meant to sound and be listened to.

Please bear the following in mind:

  1. Low-frequency sounds are referred to as bass, not base.
  2. When you listen to a sound you hear it, not here it.

I won’t even touch on the logic of the final statement in that review sentence.