Mushroom parody on 12seconds

First of all there was this 12seconds clip from Documentally, about a dog and a field mushroom:

Mushroom The Size Of My Head on

… which later prompted this parody from AndrewJHolmes, about another canine and a fairy-tale mushroom:

documentally mushroom on

In other news

While you’re there, check out AndrewJHolmes’ answer to the 12 challenge: If I could hang out with any famous person it would be…

12 challenge: If I could hang out with any famous person it would be… on

12seconds and Phreadz

Great to see Phreadz getting such a good write-up/name-check on the latest 12seconds newsletter:

Phreadz, an amazing site out of London, UK has integrated 12seconds into their video conversation service.  Need a conversation starter?  Import a 12second video directly into Phreadz and let the conversation begin!

Now I’m back home for the foreseeable future I should get myself back into the lands of 12seconds, Phreadz and Seesmic.


I’ve been really enjoying playing with for the last wee while.

Got this in an email from them the other day:

Coming Soon!
Here are 12 things we’re working right now that we can publicly talk about (yes there are some surprises still in the bag):

  1. Improved scalability
  2. Video replies
  3. More comment functionality
  4. Shorter urls posted to twitter, etc.
  5. Email settings
  6. Privacy control
  7. More 3rd party site support
  8. More mobile integration
  9. Account deletion
  10. Upload from web page
  11. Improved tagging, grouping, and navigation
  12. Improved recorder

Really looking forward to the video replies feature in particular.  Good stuff!

12 seconds

My first 12second update on

Hoorah! Yesterday 12seconds send me an invitation to join their closed alpha of their new video status update website.

As the name suggests you have 12 seconds to record your video update.

This is my first post, using the Logitech “50s movie reel” effect built-into QuickCam. Very retro.

Not sure why I said I was from 1832, though.