The mystery of the disappearing forks

Angel table fork from Viners

I have a set of Viners Angel 18.0 cutlery. I bought it when my ex-wife and I separated in 2016.

I have six forks, six knives, six dessert spoons, six soup spoons and six teaspoons.

Or rather, I had.

Somehow, every few months one of my new table forks goes missing.

Always just one.

Where does it go?!

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Notes and tablet

One by Wacom drawing tablet and Post-It notes

What excitement at Saunders HQ this afternoon when a sloppy delivery driver left a parcel at my front door and walked off, having the ordacity to mark the delivery as “Handed to resident”.

Inside the parcel: 2,000 yellow Post-it® notes and a One by Wacom drawing tablet.

The latter is for a writing/art project that I have coming up this quarter. In the meantime, I’ll use it mostly with Microsoft Whiteboard when going over maths homework with Reuben and Joshua.


My dad with me a few days after I was born in 1971

Today marks exactly 26 years since my father, Keith J Saunders, died. I still miss him every day. What I would give to have one last hug from him.

Dad died from kidney failure aged 52 years, 10 months and 23 days . I reach the exact same age as him this autumn. That has been a sobering thought as I approached my 52nd birthday in November.

Today my thought, however, have been on the happy moments that we had together. Those ordinary every day interactions and conversations, before the dementia started stripping away large chunks of what made him who he was.

I love you Dad!